Southport Centre 4525 South Blvd Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452Gee’s Group was founded in 1992 by Joseph Gianascoli, who was the former owner of Copy Data Group. After selling that business in 1989, Joe and his son, David, bought a 36,000 square foot Class B office building on Lynnhaven Parkway and 5 acres of undeveloped property in Virginia Beach. The rest you might say is history.

In 1996, the company added Michael Gianascoli and the three Gianascolis have developed a thriving, successful organization. Established as a small, family owned business, Gee’s Group has continued to focus on the premise that in the real estate business, tenants are the number one priority. To this day, Gee’s Group is completely dedicated to its tenants/homeowners and their needs.

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